KGMP Factory Movie

Quality of Life.
Sama Pharm is brightening the future of mankind with respect for life and human dignity.
We are now taking a new leap into the world!
자막) Sama Pharm’s Munmak GMP Plant is taking a new leap into the world.
Sama Pharm is a humane company whose goal is to make people happy through respect for life and human dignity.
 We were the first company in Korea to provide healthcare, a 5-day working week, simultaneous vacation for all employees, and a monthly paycheck system.
We are also the only pharmaceutical company in Korea to provide a neonatal assistance program.
We do our best to fulfill our mission as a public enterprise that protects human life and health by developing excellent medicines. Self-completion, which is our company policy, begins with improving the quality of life.

For 65 years, we’ve specialized in providing medicines for children and respiratory ailments. The advertisement for our children’s cold medicine Koko Syrup won the Grand Clio from the prestigious Clio Awards. Noma is a beloved children’s vitamin of Korea.
We’ve also received the Outstanding Company Award and the Outstanding Workplace Award from the Province of Gyeonggi-do. We’ve also received the Moran Medal, which is the Korea Order of Civil Merit, thanks to our products and our diligence is paying our due taxes.
Sama Pharm is contributing to national health, as well as promoting our humane company values.

Sama Pharm is making innovative pharmaceutical research and development, as well as strengthening our competitive edge through employee development programs and new talent recruitment system.
Sama Pharm Research Center is on a par with the world-renowned pharmaceutical companies. We have outstanding researchers and a GLP-level research standard.
In these times of demanding more regulatory requirements and worldwide competition, we believe that only research and development can guarantee our future. We make new generic drugs with new salts to overcome patent issues  as well as extended-release drugs and immediate-release drugs that are safe, effective and convenient to take.
Through innovation, our generic medicine research stands out from others.
Our goal is to become a world-class research center.
Sama Pharm Research Center is the future of human health.

Munmak GMP Plant will be remembered as a new beginning for Sama Pharm.
With a total cost of 50 billion won, it boasts a lot of  83,085m2 with a floor space of  17,955m2  and a building space of 8,606m2.
We applied cGMP concepts, or the good manufacturing process, in all stages from design, construction, to facilities. We implemented FM2 method and went with epoxy coated urethane drywalls.
 We even implemented GMP lighting fixture.
The entire building process was done with innovation.
Munmak GMP Plant has a main building composed of 7 compartments including a management compartment and production compartments, and 5 attached buildings.
All buildings have their separate air conditioning facility and can supply complete purified water.
The temperature, humidity, and other conditions can be controlled by the building management system in the command center.
Additionally, we introduce from the design stage a concept that meets completely the low-carbon green growth policy of the government. Specifically, a strict waste water management system restrains CO2 release..
Our automatic distribution center using a road beam has maximized the effectiveness of the process of warehousing, taking orders, delivery, packaging and sorting.

Munmak GMP Plant is equipped with the latest facilities and innovative design comparable to Europe(EU-GMP) and the U.S.(cGMP).
We have a MCS(Manufacturing Control System) comprised of LIMS, RWS, and WMS to meet quality management standards of leading countries.
We have also implemented a closing system in all production processes to prevent possible pollution and quality changes from warehousing to delivery in order to build a perfect system that can produce stable, top-quality medicines.
Essence of the production process in the Munmak GMP Plant is the BC(Intermediate Bulk Container) system that meets the European and the American standards.
The entire processes of weighing, blending, granulation, tabletting, coating, preparation, tablets filling, and packaging are made by this system.
Moreover, it is systemized that IPC works frequently.
Munmak GMP Plant will be a historic milestone for Sama Pharm, steps forward a leading pharmaceutical company in the age of limitless.

<Oral Solid Line>
We weigh each product’s ingredients exactly same as approved amounts with a weighing management system.
The weighed ingredients are then blended.
And granulation and final mixing are followed.
After final mixing, tabletting, coating, and tablet filling are proceeded for completing all manufacturing processes.
Finished products are finally produced after the 2nd packaging following the 1st packaging of tablet filling.

<Oral Solution Line>
Like the oral solid medicine, the oral solution goes through weighing,  heating, stirring, dissolving and cooling before they are filled and packaged before the  finished product are produced.
<Noma Gold. Chewables Line>
The ingredients are transported to the cooker. They are then stirred and the extract is transferred to the beater.
After mixing the main mixture and the flavors(연구소 자문 필요), it is transferred to the storage tank.
Once the slurry is transferred to the tempering plant, it goes through an inspection and a maturing process that lasts 10 - 20 hours.
It then passes through the extruder and the rope sizer and forms its shape. After the packaging is complete, the finished product can be delivered after getting approved by the quality management department.

Now, Sama Pharm is taking a new, powerful step through Munmak GMP Plant.
For growing as a global healthcare company and a R&D-oriented company,
We will strengthen our global competitiveness through continuous development of the improved and modified drugs and the implementation of ERP system and the 1st performance-related pay for all employees in the pharmaceutical industry and with an advanced management strategy,
We will be a global company as well as a company of people that makes the future of the world much brighter and healthier